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    What we do?

    Being a property owner can be a great source of stress. It is difficult enough to find a reliable tenant but in addition, once found, there are a great number of responsibilities during their tenancy. For this reason and more entrusting our company, specializing in management of property, to undertake these responsibilities allows you to shed these concerns and focus on the other important aspects of life.

    Our services

    We specialize in property management and maintenance of properties in and around the center of Athens!

    Administrative management

    Technical management

    Financial management

    Conflict Management

    Selecting Tenants

    We collaborate with real estate agents, engineers, lawyers, insurers and more

    Apart from our permanent partners, we also utilize our trusted external collaborators, who, when called upon to change or fix a possible issue in your property, will advise, suggest and function according of the needs of the property and your wishes. And, of course, all transactions are done in full transparency, and always with all necessary documents and receipts.

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    How does the management work?

    First meeting

    • Visit our office where we will explain our rental management service, our benefits and our insurance.
    • An objective assessment of your property – in collaboration with certified real estate agents – based on the current market situation
    • Recommendations and tips for the optimal use of the property
    • Photoshoot by a professional photographer
    • Promotion of your property on real estate platforms through the real estate agents with whom we collaborate.
    • Catch up with all the information/changes in the Greek legislation for the rental market

    Property promotion process

    • We evaluate the condition of the property and, if necessary, propose and recommend small repairs and / or renovation work
    • We set together the price of the rent
    • Present the property to our selected clients: businesses, embassies, institutions and individuals
    • Promote your property on the real estate market in cooperation with experienced brokers
    • Publish the property on the main portals and we advertise it to appeal to more suitable parties

    Procedure of tenant selection and lease contract

    • Thorough check of the tenant, suitability/solvency by gathering the appropriate documentation
    • Presentation of reliable tenant candidates / Creation of a database with final candidates
    • Pic the most suitable tenant always with your consent
    • Preparation of the lease and representation of the signatory
    • Method and exact date of payment

    Optimization of the occupancy rate

    • Optimization of the rental periods thanks to our follow-up, we avoid the periods of vacancy of your property.
    • Promotion of property to ensure maximum occupancy
    • Systematic monitoring of the extension, renewal and termination of leases

    You have questions, we have answers

    Why Mobilia Property Management?

    Mobilia Property Management is a complete transparent management that allows you to feel in peace as we ensure the optimal economic return of your property.

    If the apartment is not rented, do I pay?

    We collaborate with real estate agents. With your agreement, they will work on finding the best tenants for your property. The cost for Mobilia Property Management will apply when the tenant has signed the rental contract and paid the first month’s rent and the deposit.

    If the apartment is already rented can I call on your service?

    You can call on our services regardless of the situation of your property. We prepare a complete file with all the elements and documents relating to the apartment and necessary for its good management then we sign the management contract and off we go!

    If I live abroad how do I sign the contract?

    In order not to waste time, we send the management contract by email, which you send back to us. We will then send you a copy signed by our office.

    What if the tenant doesn't pay the rent?

    First of all, we always ask all tenants for sufficient proof of their solvency. Then it is clearly specified contractually to the tenants that the rent must be paid the first 5 working days of each month. An automatic rent call is sent to all tenants every 1st of the month. If forgotten a reminder follows, and so on. In case of failure, we bring in a lawyer at the end of the month

    On what date will I collect my rents?

    The payment of the rent is made at the end of each month, you will also receive the monthly management report, detailed and simple to read, accompanied by receipts of possible expenses.

    What are all the expenses managed by MPM?

    Mobilia Property Management is responsible for managing all of your expenses related to your property (common charges, insurance, taxes, etc.).

    I have a foreign account, can I benefit from your services?

    Of course, we have a lot of clients who have a foreign account. The only drawback concerns the possible delay in transferring the amounts due to you, generally between 1 and 3 days. (You can also open a Greek account)

    Investment in Athens

    If you wish to invest in Athens, to expand your estate and help prepare for your retirement or increase your income, which can later be gradually be transferred to your children, we can direct you to the best initiatives to maximize your investment’s potential. We have already advised many foreign investors in these matters who have come to us for our expertise and knowledge of the city.


    We will follow the below process:

    1)   It is imperative to identify a suitable attorney. He will act on your behalf, will be in charge of handling the titles of the estate on behalf of the previous owner and will check if it is free from mortgage, seizure or any other kind of legal obligation.

    The seller or mediator will need to hand over a copy of the titles (sales contract, heritage attribution, possible deed of concession or donation).

    An attorney is also able to contribute more practically regarding the acquirement of Social Insurance Number (called AFM) for the estate

    • Opening a bank account
    • Payment of transfer tax

    2)     Signing of contract with presence of notary, declaration in the Land register and on the cadastral services

    3)     Initiatives for renewal / repairs of the estate. We can recommend external partners of our office, depending on case

    4)     Advertising the property on the market

    5)     The management of the property will always be consistent with the terms of the management order. You will receive detailed monthly management reports as well as the rental income.



    Nathalie P.

    “Professionalism, efficiency, kindness, listening, I only have good words for the services offered and provided by the entire Mobilia team. With each exchange I am comforted in this appreciation, and they have my full confidence. I thank them warmly for the work they do, and if we had to recommend an agency, it would undoubtedly be Mobilia.”

    Paul P.

    Great agency. Efficient in management whatever my problem was,they react quickly !!

    Robert D.

    “Very welcoming and professional staff. Knowing their job perfectly, they are good advice for both rental and sale of goods. I recommend mobilia property management with no hesitation!”

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