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    What we do?


    Owning property in Athens should be a rewarding investment, not a source of constant worry. The challenge of finding a reliable tenant is just the beginning. Once you do, many responsibilities await during their tenancy, turning what should be a passive income source into a full-time job.

    At Mobilia Property Management, we aim to free you from the burdens of managing your property in Athens. Our comprehensive range of services covers everything from tenant screening to maintenance and legal paperwork, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of property ownership without the usual headaches.

    Why Choose Our Property Management Services?

    Expertise and Experience: With years of experience in the Athens property market, we understand what it takes to manage your property effectively.

    Comprehensive Services: From finding the perfect tenant to handling day-to-day maintenance, we offer a full range of property management services to keep your investment performing at its best.

    Peace of Mind: Leave the worries of property management to us. We handle all aspects of managing your property so you can focus on what matters most to you.

    Our services


    At Mobilia Property Management, we understand that managing a property in Athens can be both time-consuming and stressful. That’s why we offer a complete suite of services to handle every aspect of property management and maintenance, ensuring peace of mind for property owners like you.

    Administrative Management

    Ensuring that paperwork and regulatory compliance are handled efficiently and accurately.

    Technical Management

    Addressing the physical aspects of your property to ensure it’s always in top condition.

    Financial Management

    Managing your property’s finances, from rent collection to budgeting and expense tracking.

    Conflict Resolution

    Navigating tenant disputes with professionalism and practical solutions.

    Tenant Selection

    Using strict screening processes to find reliable tenants for your peace of mind.

    Why Choose Us?

    We’re not just a property management firm; we’re your partners in property success. Collaborating with real estate agents, engineers, lawyers, insurers, and more, we ensure that every aspect of your property is expertly managed. Our network of trusted external collaborators is available as needed, ensuring your property receives the care and attention it deserves.

    Transparency and Trust
    All transactions and dealings are conducted with the utmost transparency. We provide all necessary documents and receipts, ensuring you are always in the loop and fully informed about your property’s management.

    Learn More About Our Services
    Discover how Mobilia Property Management can transform your property management experience. Download our detailed PDF guide to our services and see the difference professional management can make.

    Download Our Services PDF

    How does the management work?


    1. Initial Consultation

    • Discover What We Can Do For You: Visit our office or schedule a virtual meeting to learn about our rental management services, including their benefits and comprehensive insurance management coverage.
    • Tailored Property Assessment: Benefit from an objective evaluation by our partnered certified real estate agents, reflecting the latest market trends.
    • Customised Recommendations: Receive personalised advice to maximise your property’s potential.
    • Professional Photoshoot: Our expert photographers will showcase your property’s best features.
    • Strategic Property Promotion: We ensure your property stands out on top real estate platforms thanks to our collaboration with leading agents.
    • Stay Informed: We keep you updated on all legislative changes affecting the rental market in Greece.

    2. Property Promotion Process

    • Condition Evaluation: We assess your property’s condition and suggest enhancements or renovations to boost its appeal.
    • Rent Pricing Strategy: We set a competitive rental price together based on market insights.
    • Selective Tenant Presentation: We present your property to our carefully selected clients, which includes businesses, embassies, and prominent individuals.
    • Broad Market Exposure: Experienced brokers help promote your property across the real estate market.
    • Effective Online Advertising: Your property gets featured on major portals, ensuring it reaches the right audience.

    3. Tenant Selection and Lease Agreement Procedure

    • Rigorous Tenant Screening: We perform comprehensive checks to confirm tenant suitability and financial reliability.
    • Candidate Database: A curated list of potential tenants is presented for your selection.
    • Final Tenant Selection: We choose the most suitable tenant with your full consent.
    • Lease Preparation and Representation: We handle all documentation and represent you during the lease signing.
    • Clear Payment Protocols: We establish precise payment schedules and methods.

    4. Optimising Occupancy Rates

    • Proactive Vacancy Management: Our diligent follow-up makes his best your property always remains full.
    • Continuous Property Promotion: We work tirelessly to maintain high occupancy rates.
    • Lease Management: Regular monitoring of lease extensions, renewals, and terminations keeps your property occupied and profitable.

    You have questions, we have answers

    Why choose Mobilia as my property manager?

    Mobilia Property Management offers expert property management services in Athens, ensuring comprehensive tenant management, maintenance, and administrative services to keep your investment profitable and well-cared for.

    Will I be charged if my property is unrented?

    No charges apply while your property is vacant. Our commitment is to your success; fees are only incurred once a tenant has paid the first month’s rent and the deposit.

    Can I engage your property management services for an already rented property?

    Our property management services are designed to enhance operational efficiency and add value to your property, whether it is currently rented or seeking tenants.

    How can I sign the contract from abroad?

    We simplify the contract signing process by providing an electronic management contract via email for easy signing, regardless of your location. After signing, we will send you a copy signed by our office.

    What if my tenant does not pay rent?

    Our approach to managing rental properties involves a thorough screening process for potential tenants, clear terms for rent payment, and prompt action to address any outstanding payments. Our rental contracts clearly specify that rent is due on the first five working days of each month.

    To ensure timely payment, we send automatic rent reminders to all tenants on the first day of each month. If a tenant forgets to pay, we send a follow-up reminder. If a tenant fails to pay, we involve a lawyer at the end of the month to take appropriate legal action.

    When will I receive rental payments?

    Your rental income will be processed and transferred to you at the end of every month, ensuring that you have consistent and timely access to your funds. Additionally, you will receive a detailed and easy-to-read monthly management report. Receipts of any potential expenses will be attached on demand.

    Which expenses are managed by Mobilia Property Management?

    We oversee all property-related expenses, from repairs and maintenance to utilities and taxes, offering you a hassle-free property ownership experience.

    Can I use your services with a foreign bank account?

    Of course! We provide services to property owners worldwide, ensuring that financial transactions are processed smoothly, regardless of where your bank account is located. International bank transfers from Greece typically take 1 to 3 days to be credited to a foreign bank account. If you require immediate access to your funds, opening a Greek bank account is recommended.

    Investment in Athens

    Looking to invest in Athens for real estate expansion, retirement planning, or income growth? With Mobilia Property Management, you can partner with a team that has a deep understanding of the global investor’s perspective. We make investing in Athens’ real estate market a straightforward and rewarding experience, offering peace of mind and the potential for significant returns on your investment.

    Our Structured Investment Process

    1. Legal Foundation and Due Diligence
    Lawyer Selection: We begin by selecting an experienced lawyer to safeguard your interests and ensure the property is free of legal obstacles. We also handle all necessary paperwork, including property titles and legal documents, to streamline the acquisition process.
    Financial Setup:  We assist you in opening a local bank account and managing transfer tax payments, simplifying the financial aspects of your investment.

    2. Property Acquisition
    Notary Services: We assist you with notarising your investment and registering it with the Hellenic Cadastre to comply with all local regulations.
    Strategic Enhancements: We evaluate and recommend property improvements to maximise its value and appeal in the market.

    3. Market Introduction
    Promotion and Advertising: We leverage our network and marketing expertise to introduce your property to a broad audience, ensuring optimal visibility.

    4. Comprehensive Property Management
    Ongoing Care:  Beyond acquisition, we offer full-scale management of your property, including tenant selection, financial oversight, and maintenance. We provide regular updates and detailed reports on your investment’s performance.



    Nathalie P.

    “Mobilia Property Management has shown professionalism, efficiency, and kindness in their interactions with me. Their attentive service has gained my trust, and I recommend them as a property management service provider.”

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    “The team at Mobilia Property Management is welcoming and highly professional. They are experts in both the rental and sales markets. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services to anyone.”

    Robert D.

    “Very welcoming and professional staff. Knowing their job perfectly, they are good advice for both rental and sale of goods. I recommend mobilia property management with no hesitation!”

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