Greeks from abroad, our top customers

Foreign individuals, major investors in Greece.

Nation of sailors and conquerors, the Greeks have, since antiquity, included travel and expatriation in their identity. The journey as an initiation, is referring Ulysses’s one like told by Homer. Expatriation was linked to “omogenia” in ancient times when Greek communities traded from the shores of the Mediterranean and Black Seas.

Nowadays, we mention more clearly the Greek diaspora – the representative of which, in almost all countries of the world, are integrated in their adoptive countries -.

The reasons for exile are, depending on the era, economic, political, or purely personal when it comes to internationalizing a scientific, artistic or intellectual career.

Today, it is no longer a matter of being satisfied with the cliché of Greek restaurants which have spread to all the cities of Europe. Indeed, it would take is a simple conversation with a few inhabitants during a stay in Greece for them not to fail to highlight the prowess of such a scientist in the United States, such an entrepreneur who has gone to the antipodes or such a researcher whose discovery has changed or revolutionized knowledge throughout the world.

Despite this bright return that Greece receives from its children who have gone abroad in a chosen exile, the reality today is less epic because we must now talk more about expatriation.

Mobilia Property Management receives many requests for rental management services from Greeks abroad. To fully understand the extent of this trend, you should know that the acquisition of real estate has been one of the important markers in Greek society for decades. It used to be easy to get construction credit and families wanted every child to be able to start life with their apartment or house. Through wealth management or inheritance, until before the great crisis of 2008, it was not uncommon for Greeks to own several properties.

Today, the economic situation is different and the many voluntary economic exiles, whether Medecine doctors, engineers, teachers, intellectuals, technicians or students at the end of their cycle, have found themselves confronted with the difficulties of maintaining and making profitable of real estate they own in Greece.

On a small scale, and in another era, generally, the family from home land took care of the brother, cousin or friends property. But this system quickly encounters its limits and often ends up by causing many relational, technical, legal, fiscal and even financial problems.

The Elders are gradually disappearing and are not really equipped to properly run property and rental management issues.

It is no longer possible to close the door and leave the keys under the mat when leaving to live another life abroad. If the property is not offered for sale, it is important to rent it, at least temporarily during the year in order to make it profitable and balance, more or less, the costs, taxes and duties which have increased considerably over the time.

The Medecine doctor based in Australia or Germany, the scientist based in the USA or Norway, the musician working in France or Great Britain, for example, have no opportunities of effectively managing their real estate in Greece from where they are. It is often a nightmare when they see the damage, the bills or, worse, the unpaid rent when they come back in the country of their childhood for a few days of vacation that they will occupy, in the end to repair, pay and settle administrative problems.

Step by step, Mobilia Property Management worked to provide answers to rental management problems these Greek expatriates have. Today, our agency, backed by solid experience, has been keen to build a specialized team, entirely devoted to the management and defense of the interests of Greek owners who, although far from their country, have rented out their property.

Mobilia Property Management offers standard or tailor-made service contracts which include, in agreement with its clients, the monitoring of energy expenditure items, tax management and legal declarations. In addition, we provide individualized monitoring of the payment of rents and charges by the tenant. This is very important because, in Greece, it is always the landlord who is responsible for paying the charges in the event that the tenant proves to be in default.

If minor maintenance is necessary, Mobilia property management can care, if it is commissioned, with the craftsmen who, over the years have demonstrated, alongside the agency, their competence, their reliability and their competitiveness in terms of price.

When renting, Mobilia Property Management auditions the candidate tenants and, according to objective criteria, advises its customers on the most guaranteed and reassuring choice. As delegated collector of payments, our agency has regular contact with tenants and can, if necessary, identify problems and participate, always in a positive way, in building stable solutions between the lessor and his tenant.

Mobilia property management sends to its customers a monthly dashboard of the management of the rented property. Thus, our action is transparent, documented and secure.

For all its rental management activities, our agency is insured and can provide the best guarantees of technical and financial security to our customers. Simply contact us with the details of the property you wish to entrust us with the management of and we will make you a detailed and costed proposal. We know, having carefully observed the market and our competitors, that our prices are reasonable and affordable with regard to the quality of our services. This is also the opinion of our customers.

So don’t wait to join our universe of rental management and finally enjoy your rental income that has become profitable, without anxiety, problems of all kinds and additional expenses.

From then, every time you come back to Greece, you will be able to fully enjoy your vacation, your property and let your soul overflow with that Greek Kefi that has been with you since day one.