Monitoring of renovations or repairs : a service by Mobilia Property Management.

Offering an apartment or a house for rent is not always easy because certain shortcomings in terms of layout and comfort that everyone would accept for themselves cannot be left as they are within the framework of a rental contract. others.

Indeed, if it is normal for the lessor to ask his tenant for guarantees, it is obvious that the latter is entitled to housing in perfect condition and finding all safety, comfort and energy performance standards.

Maintained and renovated housing may be offered at a higher price than housing “as it is”. In addition, regulations require compliance with strict standards before any rental. This is the case, for example, with electrical safety. We can also consider that esthetic upgrading and modernization works make the property more attractive for good  tenants. Mobilia Property Management regularly supports its clients in this type of process.

Who embarks on the real estate rental  is faced with a simple choice between the using professional services and contractors or the delicate option which would make him turn into a building contractor. If the owner of the accommodation is already in the business, everyone can easily understand that he will choose this option.

The second scenario involves the use of professional services. This is a different adventure because you have to know who to rely on and be sure that the work is suitable in terms of value for money with the reality of the needs. It is then necessary to have the essential energy to coordinate the intervention of different trades.

In any case, the adventure is heavy to bear, exhausting and it can, too often, prove to be far too expensive. The profitability of the rented accommodation can be affected. If you are a real estate investor residing outside Greece, the cost of Mobilia Property Management services will be much lower than any of the trips you would have to make to launch, monitor and validate the work.

Mobilia Property Management has developed know-how in creating the right balance in terms of renovation and fitting-out costs as well as in choosing the best compromises in order to obtain an optimal result for controlled expenses.

Mobilia Property Management is a professional who works with the best professionals chosen and retained over the years because of their competence and probity in terms of price. We are one of the few agencies to employ a work coordinator technician year-round.

Of course, we can not replace our client in the conduct and responsibility of the project. We make a series of proposals on the work options to be carried out, we negotiate with our partners the technical choices and their cost for a personalized implementation of the real estate project and relay the proposed quotes. At any time, the owner of the accommodation can intervene and regain control of the project.

Once the accommodation has been renovated, we can include in a rental management contract the monitoring of the condition of the rented property and propose the programming of routine maintenance in the areas placed under the responsibility of the owners, such as the means of heating or air conditioning, for example.

We can also fix a report of the repairs to be carried out at the expense of the tenant before each departure and before the rental to another person and ensure the good realization or organize the service.

The period that begins will often be that of carrying out energy renovation work and Mobilia Property Management will be your main asset for, in conjunction with the best professionals in the sector, anticipating, planning and carrying out the energy transition of your home with the concern preserve the rental profitability of your property through intelligent cost management.

Mobilia Property Management, as an experienced partner, will be at your side at all times to monitor and manage your renovation and repair projects. We encourage you to contact us as early as possible in your project. We can offer you a clear, thoughtful, reliable and economical contract.