Rental Management in Greece, a new service.

Rental Management in Greece, a new service.

Homeowners or commercial property owners living in France and in other northern European countries are aware of the benefits of a rental management service. The best advantage is that rents are received in a safe and regular manner, with everything else handled by the agency.

Behind this laconic but real consideration, only a few people know that the management operator exercises a real profession defined by law. 

It is completely different in Greece.

The country has recently discovered this service and many owners, whether Greek residents, Greeks living abroad or European citizen investors, entrust the rental management of their property to specialized agents. This profession is being defined step by step by changing practices and minds.

Indeed, in the past, rented properties were managed in the old fashioned way by the owners themselves, the family or a few self-proclaimed real estate agents.

The tradition which organized the collection, in cash, of the dues and fees, the responsability for commiting the service providers for the cleaning and the maintenance work by managers elected from among the inhabitants of each building suited many people and is still going on  despite the legal and administrative questions. which are more and more problematic.

To date,  the services offered by Greek professionals are not always of optimal quality because each actor defines his own rules.

For Mobilia Property Management, it is a matter of practicing a real profession within the framework of strictly defined rules with the highest degree of quality and guarantee for the customer.

These rules are on the same line with the practice observed in the most experienced European countries in this area. For these reasons, Mobilia Property Management is the agent of change and innovation that owners are discovering and beginning to greatly appreciate and, as leaders of this innovation, we are campaigning for the legal framework of our profession in Greece.

As rental management professionals, we manage the owners’rental contracts, we participate in the search for tenants, operate the follow-up of the rents payments by periodically ensuring the good condition of the accommodation.

All services are listed in detail in a clear contract and a monitoring report is sent to the owner at the beginning of each month.

We are the go between for landlords and tenants. Owners are thus freed from the accounting tasks of rent collection and any reminders and management of unpaid bills.

We  care for the payment of the fees due by the tenants and, if the contract provides for it, we also take care of managing the restoration work, repairs and maintenance.

The follow-up of relations with insurance companies, in the event of a claim, can also be delegated to us.

We can still ensure the reports and inventories of the accommodation when the tenant turns over. Our assistance is available to help owners who wish to do so with the annual tax and administrative declarations.

Mobilia Property Management can ensure that its clients will no longer fall into the trap of badly selecting a tenant because we closely examine all the guarantees presented by each candidate.

For us, the legal issues are perfectly mastered and each owner can, with us, free themselves from the heavy charge of their binding and complicated obligations. Mobilia property Management set up monitoring tools to prevent and resolve any unpaid situations. The relationship with the tenant can quickly become a relationship problem. We secure all possible relational problems by becoming the single point of contact for tenants.

Everyone will easily understand by reading these lines, the use of a property rental management service provider such as Mobilia Property Management is a guarantee of seriousness, stability of resources and peace of mind for all owners who will no longer have to carry a complicated and stressful management.

Contact now Mobilia Property Management  and we will make you appreciate, for a low cost, the advantages of support and assistance from rental management professionals.