Foreign individuals, major investors in Greece.

Greeks from abroad, our top customers

With more than twelve million visitors to the country each year, crushes and blue dreams end up haunting many tourists and lovers of Greece. Their desire to concretize this love through the acquisition of an apartment or a house grows and is realized for many.

Mobilia Property Management assists many of these foreign investors in the management of their properties. We have therefore, as such, become partners of choice in the overall acquisition process because the fixed costs generated by an investment must be well appreciated for the good of the project and the buyers.

Real estate purchases by foreigners in Greece are part of an old phenomenon which has only been able to increase despite some ups and downs that the country has experienced during the recent years of crisis.

To appreciate the enthusiasm that Greek real estate arouses among foreign individuals, an internet search on this theme displays nearly seven million pages mentioning the subject.

In 2019, the National Bank of Greece concluded that foreigners had invested the sum of 736 million euros in the country. This shows that the Greek market is a top choice for operators of the real estate market in Europe.

Despite some very disappointing attempts on the part of commercial investors until the beginning of the 1990s, Greece is not the ideal place for the realization of hudge real estate programs offering apartments or houses concentrated in a single place on the sea shore ​​like the programs developed by Spain or Portugal in their time.

If mass tourism is a reality in Greece, the massification of tourists in programs of vacation and residencial zones is not rooted in the Greek mentality.

Then, the real estate market open to foreign investors on an individual basis remains a neighborhood or village affair. This is where the intelligence and the intuition of the Greeks are verified.  While welcoming many foreigners, they safeguard the authenticity of the places, preserve the quality of life and the happiness of living in Greece which attracts and charms individuals. investors.

Each purchase is therefore a unique story. And Mobilia Property Management, observes and discovers, listening to its customers, how much the path that led to the purchase of the property is, each time, a real journey of life, filled with adventures, anecdotes and feelings. 

Some buyers want to invest where they have built connections and experiences during one or more summer stays. Others do not have very strong ideas about the location as long as the proximity to the sea is acquired. The common link of all these foreign buyers is the desire to make their crush come true.

Most of individuals use a real estate agency to search for their treasure in Greece. Some agencies operate directly from France or  European countries. Some other agencies operate in a network. The best remains, in our opinion, to rely on a local agency that has the best knowledge of the market, proven experience and a good reputation. 

The ability of agents to speak the language of the buyer is an asset that should not be overlooked because Greek real estate is full of administrative and legal subtleties . So, it is better to understand well to avoid unpleasant surprises, especially in terms of taxes when the owner, as it is good management, wish to rent their property when they are not occupying it.

Mobilia Property Management offers its clients real estate rental management services and can provide forecast support for purchase projects by estimating the cost of its services according to the needs expressed.

The use of management services is more and more frequent because it makes it possible to secure the status of owner in a foreign country, to control the ancillary costs of energy conservation, restoration or the standards of a dwelling. The owner also has a clear vision through a monitoring provided monthly.

The price to pay for this security and this peace of mind is quite modest, so much so that new clients who approach Mobilia Property Management are always pleasantly surprised and wonder why they have spent time and useless money wanting to manage themselves. themselves, remotely, their real estate.

The multilingual team of Mobilia Property Management has been supporting foreign property owners in Greece for several years. We are committed to always strengthening our services and innovating in the production of tailor-made services for our customers. Our greatest pride and our greatest honor would be to stay shoulder to shoulder with you to allow you to enjoy 100% of your property without having the heavy worries of property management, a source of hassle.

So, if you are an owner in Greece or, if you plan to become one or, are in the process of carrying out your project, Mobilia Property Management will be able to participate in making, as an owner, your life easier.